Below are testimonials from current and past Fox Coaching clients.

Being coached by Rolf is exactly what I needed, I would over analysis myself and missed out on opportunities.

The thing is with Rolf, he makes you relax to becoming a better version of yourself, humble and proud.

You ultimately work it out on your own with both parties committed and find your inner peace.

Rolf will inspire and encourage you so you will be able to be your own cheerleader.

Melissa Cavaleri


Even though I have had a couple of Mentors over the last few years, I have always been nervous about taking on a coach (of any sort). 

However when I reached a point where I really, really needed extra support to move forward in both my professional career and personal life, the opportunity to be coached by Rolf presented itself.  Still being nervous about the concept, I decided I should at least give it a try.

What I found was that Rolf was able to help me sort out the many thoughts and feelings that were chasing each other around my very cluttered and tired brain and to at least get them to start chasing each other in formation within the first couple of sessions.  Rolf was able to help me feel more comfortable and relaxed about being coached and this helped me to get more out of the sessions.

Since that time, Rolf has helped me to achieve goals I set in those initial meetings.  If it wasn't for Rolf coaching me over the last few months, I still wouldn't have achieved these goals.

Rolf has been incredibly supportive and patient with me during our sessions with the result that I also felt comfortable recently to ask him to hold me accountable to goals I am now setting for the next few months.  This is something I would never ever have done in years gone by (and haven't).

Thank you so much Rolf, you have been absolutely fantastic and I really appreciate it.  I wouldn't be where I am now without you! 

Kind regards,

Susan Johnson.

I have recently completed Life Coaching sessions with Rolf Fuchs of Fox Coaching. The professional and friendly service was of the highest standard and enabled me to examine my options for furthering my career. I believe that the outcomes of the sessions were delivered. His life coaching has provided me with a focus for future growth in my career. The sessions provided me with insights that I had not fully recognised within myself

During the course of six sessions we focused on the issues that mattered most to me and focused on the opportunities available to change my career path. Each session was conducted in a positive and productive manner which enabled a full and frank look at my current situation and to develop outcomes that are based on realistic and achievable goals. With this assistance from Mr Fuchs, I believe that I can tap into previously underutilised talents and attributes to realise my potential.

Mr Fuchs’ coaching style and empathetic listening was balanced and showed genuine interest in my future development. This ensured that each session was of the highest value to me.

Rolf Fuchs has provided the highest level of professional life coaching that has resulted in me identifying options for my future that are realistic and achievable. The sessions were conducted in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where the focus was on my requirements and needs.

I am exceptionally pleased with the outcome of the course. I would believe that anyone interested in re-focusing on their life or career would benefit tremendously from the services of Mr Rolf Fuchs and Fox Coaching. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone.

Yours faithfully,
Martin J Shields

I have had the pleasure of attending a number a coaching sessions thus far.

I have found Rolf’s style of Life Coaching enjoyable, and at the same time Rolf has helped me not only highlight and confront but also develop strategies to enable me to set a path to deal with and overcome those issue’s.

Often (as Rolf says) the clues/seeds to how we overcome issues are within each of us however often we are too busy in our day-to-day lives to see them.

Rolf’s style of questioning helps to draw them out and we then discuss how I can implement those strategies to improve my life.

Before each session Rolf would ask how the strategies we put in place in the previous session were working and at the end of the session we did a recap of the session. At the end of of each session I feel energised.

I would highly recommend Rolf as your Life Coach. He has a wealth of life experience through his career and family life and he is a patient, attentive listener who really wants to help people make a positive difference in their lives.

David Johnson
Photographer - Light Inspired
October 26, 2013



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